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May 31, 2024 Bangladesh textile and apparel industry has become a global force, and at Biancalani Textile Machinery we are proud to have been a steadfast partner in its remarkable journey for many years, contributing with 100% made in Italy solutions to the growth of this flourishing industry.

Our presence in Bangladesh originated from a shared commitment to textile excellence. We introduced a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions specifically designed to address the evolving requirements of Bangladeshi textile producers. From industry-leading finishing machines, such as the open-width continuous tumbler AIRO®24 (in its standard and double-productivity “DUETTO” version) and tensionless dryer AIRBOX, to the most advanced open-width continuous washing ranges based on our AQUARIA® patented technology, our offerings have empowered Bangladeshi manufacturers to achieve unparalleled levels of quality and efficiency.

Bangladesh’s textile sector has witnessed phenomenal growth over the years, a testament not only to the industry’s potential but also to the enduring trust placed in BIANCALANI by our Bangladeshi partners. We are deeply committed to this vital market and will continue to invest in fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships.
Our success in Bangladesh is significantly attributed to our exceptional partnership with Tootal Quality Resources Ltd. Their in-depth understanding of the local market landscape, coupled with their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, has been instrumental in building a loyal clientele for BIANCALANI.

BIANCALANI differentiates itself through a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology. We are a frontrunner in textile machinery development, providing Bangladeshi manufacturers with unparalleled access to solutions that optimize production processes and elevate product quality.

And our commitment extends far beyond the point of sale. Thanks to our local partner, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring our Bangladeshi customers receive the technical expertise and spare parts required to maintain optimal machine performance.

The textile industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and BIANCALANI is at the forefront. We are continuously developing automation and digitization solutions that empower Bangladeshi manufacturers to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and minimize environmental impact, because sustainability is a core value at BIANCALANI.

We offer eco-friendly technologies that reduce water and energy consumption, enabling Bangladeshi manufacturers to operate responsibly while maintaining profitability.

The future of Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry is undeniably promising. We are confident that through continued innovation, a focus on sustainability, and a collaborative approach, BIANCALANI and our Bangladeshi partners will achieve even greater heights together. We are grateful for your support and remain committed to significantly contributing to the growth of this dynamic market.

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