Yogi Adityanath Champions Indias Textile Strength at India Tex 2024

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath highlighted Indias textile industry prowess at India Tex 2024, showcasing the states expertise and emphasizing the sectors potential for technological advancements and employment generation. -

February 29, 2024 Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized India's significant role in the global textile industry, showcasing the country's skills, innovation, and technology in the sector. During a media interaction on the fourth day of India Tex 2024, the chief minister expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for providing Uttar Pradesh the opportunity to participate as a partner state in the event.

India Tex 2024: A Showcase of Textile Industry's Evolution
India Tex 2024 serves as a platform to exhibit the past, present, and future requirements of the textile industry. The exhibition witnessed enthusiastic participation from individuals across India and the world, highlighting the industry's potential for growth and technological advancements.

Uttar Pradesh's Expertise in Textiles
Chief Minister Adityanath highlighted Uttar Pradesh's expertise in the textile sector, with 20 exhibitors in Yashobhoomi and 46 exhibitors in the Bharat Mandapam at India Tex 2024. Artisans from the state showcased their handicrafts, carpets, and other handloom products, garnering appreciation from buyers nationwide and globally.

Mega Textile Park and New Factories in Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh holds immense opportunities in the textile sector. Under Prime Minister Modi's PM Mitra Park Scheme, a mega textile park will be established in an area of one thousand acres between Lucknow and Hardoi, as part of a nationwide plan. Additionally, efforts are underway to develop four new factories in the state, further bolstering the textile industry.

Promoting Traditional Crafts for Employment Generation
The chief minister emphasized the significant efforts made in the past seven years to promote traditional crafts from Uttar Pradesh, including Lucknow's Chikankari, Sitapurs Durrie, Bareillys Zari-Zardozi, and Bhadohis carpets. These crafts play a crucial role in generating employment opportunities and preserving cultural heritage.

Global Recognition and Hope for India's Textile Industry
Yogi Adityanath asserted that the global textile industry is looking at India with hope, recognizing the country's potential in the sector. India's skills, innovation, and technology position it as a key player in the global textile market.

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